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Community Health Associates-Leading the Way

Community Health Associates is leading the way providing mental health services to eligible consumers across Santa Cruz County. CHA has 9 sites throughout southern Arizona (Yuma, Tucson, San Luis, Parker, Bisbee, Douglas, Casa Grande, Green Valley, and Nogales). They are licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services, Office of Behavioral Licensure to provide outpatient behavioral health treatment serves. CHA is a certified AHCCCS provider.

CHA’s mission is to be a leader in developing and providing innovative, culturally competent, customer directed, quality behavioral health services and to form community partnerships that make a difference in the lives of the people they serve.

CHA is a family owned organization.  CHA Nogales has been providing services in Santa Cruz County since December 2010. CHA serves all populations including children. They are contracted to provide crisis services for the Santa Cruz County.  Most of their enrolled consumers have AHCCCS health plans with Arizona Complete Health and Banner. CHA also accepts United HealthCare, Medicare, and private health insurances.

CHA Nogales has 8 administrative staff who assist with customer service, initial intake services for  enrollment, transportation, medical records, and psychiatric services plus 3 management staff. An adult team with 3 health care coordinators, 2 navigators, and one counselor.  The children’s team consists of 4 health care coordinators, 1 navigator, 1 family support specialist, and one counselor. They have one dedicated crisis evaluator, one psychiatric nurse practitioner via telemedicine, and a part-time registered nurse.  CHA also refers out to specialty agencies, and works collaboratively with these organizations to provide telemedicine for medically assisted treatment providers.

The Recovery Model is their standard. “Empowered recovery is the backbone of what we do. We believe that “empowered recovery” comes from the individual. It means our staff are committed to helping individuals and families learn how they can fully manage their mental health illness.  We also believe each our clients must have decision-making authority and “choice” regarding their care. Respect must be mutual, with an understanding that recovery is a lifelong process. For the client to be successful, they will require support from staff, family members, school and the community,” said Terry , Clinical Director

CHA is dedicated to helping improve the quality of lives of children, adults, families, and the community by building upon strengths.  CHA supports every consumer’s right to receive care in the least restrictive setting, to live independently when possible, and to lead a healthy lifestyle.  We participate in programs that help find solutions to current issues and help find ways to bring change in helping our community become safer.

Each individual’s treatment process is guided and monitored by a multi-disciplinary staff. All aspects of service delivery are monitored to assure quality treatment and ethical business practices.

Along with helping consumers through their unique journey to emotional wellbeing, CHA staff is dedicated to educating consumers on community resources, collaborating with stakeholders, assisting with physical health integration, and participating in community coalitions.

“We also have a crisis team 24/7 that can assist anyone in the community free of charge; these services can be provided in the home, school, medical clinic, hospital, or anywhere a person may be.  CHA also has funding for consumers that aren’t insured and have substance abuse issues through the Substance Abuse Block Grant,” said Terry Canez Clinical Director.

CHA provides individual and family counseling services, support services (skills training, family support, health education, supportive employment), and psychiatric services.  They also provide group services such as an Intensive Outpatient Program for adults to address substance abuse issues, Moral Reconation Therapy for adults, Dual Diagnosis for adults, Anger Management for adults and children, Mood Management for adults and adolescents, and Active Parenting classes.  

Consumers can call directly to the CHA office (520-394-7400) and request to speak with a member services representative for possible enrollment.  Referrals for treatment can be done by physicians, schools, social service agencies, courts, and through self-referrals.

“The community is also able to attend Family and Peer support forums so  they can become part of our network, and help brainstorm to provide ideas on what the needs of our community are and how we can improve quality care for our community,” said Terry Canez, Clinical Director.

CHA high needs health care coordinators provide intensive case management services to coordinate multiple services in the office, home, and community in order to help consumers live successfully with their families and in the community.  Crisis services can be acquired by calling the Southern Arizona Crisis Line 1-866-495-6735.

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