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Giving the People of Nogales a Voice

A New Year but not a new face to the City of Nogales. Nogales Mayor Arturo R. Garino was the first to be featured on the cover of Border Eco Magazine back in April 2011.This past election the City of Nogales re-elected Arturo R. Garino for mayor. The Honorable Arturo R. Garino was sworn into office on Thursday, January 3rd at 10:00 a.m. at the James K. Clark Auditorium. He graciously took time off his busy schedule to meet with us. Border Eco had an opportunity to discuss with Mayor Garino his plans for the City of Nogales.

“Thanks to Team Garino for their hard work and commitment. I would like to thank the voters and supporters for believing that I can once more make a positive difference in our community,” said Mayor Garino.

Mayor Arturo Garino goal is to make the City of Nogales a better place for present and future generations. “During my campaign, I had the opportunity to meet with community members in their homes. It really helped me to understand some of their concerns. I plan to have and maintain an open door policy. I really want to make sure the people have a voice. I want to hear their concerns, as well as their suggestions to help improve our community,” said Garino.

“In order for us to improve our community, we have to make sure we get involved.One of my main goals is to work closely with non-profit organizations within the community to help improve the quality of life for residents of Santa Cruz County. Local non-profits do a lot for our community members. I want to make sure we support these organizations in our community,” said Mayor Garino.

While in office, I plan to build a consensus among City Council members and the administration to establish a productive working environment for all. I want to make sure we have in place a good working environment for all. I want our  city employees to feel they are an important piece within our government ” said, Mayor Garino

Mayor Garino sees a lot of potential for continued growth for Nogales. Under his leadership, he plans to build a strong partnership with Nogales Sonora, Mexico which is the economic lifeline of the city. “People from Mexico that shop in the city help contribute to the economy. We need them just as much as they need us,” said Mayor Garino.

Mayor Garino plans to continue building partnerships that will benefit the City of Nogales in the future. His plan is to build a strong partnerships with the Councils of Governments of Maricopa (MAG), Pima (PAG), and SEAGO, to help put the City of Nogales as a key player in the state.

“I want to invite the public to stop by our office with their suggestions and concerns. I am here to serve the citizens of Nogales. I want to “empower the people of Nogales,” and make this a better community for all of us,” said Mayor Garino. Mayor Garino will continue to help move Nogales forward. He plans to continue working with several committees and organizations to help improve our city.

Nogales Mayor Arturo R. Garino

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