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People that “Echo”-Efrain Trigueras

This month people that echo recognizes Efrain Trigueras the  Nogales Operations Site Director from the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. Mr. Trigueras was born in Yuma, Arizona but raised in San Luis, Arizona He comes from humble beginnings from a family of 4. His mother and father were both hard-working farmers, who worked in the fields of San Luis.

Mr. Trigueras is single. He has a 19-year-old son currently living with his mother in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico. Mr. Trigueras has extensive experience working with the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona in Tucson. He was working with our local community food bank for over a year before he was promoted to site director. He moved to Nogales in April.

“I really enjoy working here. I have a great team. I do believe it is important for us to work towards a shared purpose and common goal. They are all hard working individuals who are passionate about helping people. I have an open door policy, everyone has a voice and everyone matters. Organizations perform well when their people work effectively as a team. This is because good teamwork creates harmony. We are like a family here.  Nogales is like a second home to me,” said Mr. Trigueras.

According to Mr. Trigueras his grandfather was his source of inspiration throughout his life. “My grandfather taught me how to use my core values to achieve my dreams. I owe everything I am to my grandfather. This has always been my dream job. My goals are to continue educating and advocating for those families in need. It is important for us as community members to support programs that help families in need. I came from humble beginnings. I understand some of the hardships many of these families go through,” said Mr. Trigueras.

Mr. Trigueras is currently working on the planning and development of a community garden. The garden is currently being built within the premises. The purpose of the community garden is to help promote sustainable agriculture and work with local schools to help teach students basic gardening skills. Another project currently in the works too is a computer lab. Mr. Trigueras vision is to teach basic computer skills to their clients. “It is an opportunity for our clients to learn basic computer skills and possible find employment. We are currently working in collaboration with Arizona@Work to implement this idea,” said Trigueras.  

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