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Celebrating 50 Years of Service

The Santa Cruz Training Program celebrated their 50th Anniversary on Saturday, October 21st. The fundraiser event was well attended by community leaders, board members, staff, and program participants with approximately 300 people in attendance. The event was held outside the SCTP parking lot, the area had a stage and multicolor led dance floor for attendees to enjoy live music and dancing. String lights, white tents, along with elegantly decorated white tables and chairs filled the entire parking lot. The fundraiser had food, live music, and dancing.   

The Santa Cruz Training Program has been dedicated for years to serving children and adults with disabilities in Santa Cruz County. The training program was founded in 1968 by Ana Maria Coppola, Emilia Alcantar, Carmelita Lineiro, and Frances Sainz. It started as a dream in hopes of finding for their children, along with many other parents and community members.   

Ana Maria Coppola was an advocate for children with disabilities. She encouraged other parents to get involved in starting a program to meet the needs of children with disabilities. It first started as a pilot program during the summer. It was being offered to children with disabilities who were not attending elementary schools within Santa Cruz County. Later the pilot program developed into a year-round schooling program for children with disabilities.   

The program gets direct funding from the state. The amount of funds the SCTP receives throughout the year is primarily from members. Donations and grants also help to support the program. Personal donations, as well as big business donations, are accepted, to help keep the program in the community.

“Staff members are dedicated to their work they go the extra mile to provide quality care to our members. Our training program is centered on providing quality care. We go out of our way to help our members receive the quality care they need and deserve,” said Marina Gallahouse Executive Director.

The Santa Cruz Training program has grown into a successful vocational training program for individuals with disabilities by providing them with an opportunity to live healthy productive lives. For anyone interested in making a donation or having a loved one with disabilities enroll in the program please contact them at: (520) 287-2043 or email


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