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Protecting Santa Cruz County

The County Attorney’s Office is a full-service law firm for County Government and serves as a prosecutorial agency responsible for the fair administration of justice for all involved in the criminal justice system.  The Santa Cruz County Attorney’s Office prosecutes all felony and juvenile offenses which occur in the County and all misdemeanor offenses which occur in the unincorporated areas of the County. The County Attorney reviews investigations conducted by local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to determine if criminal violations have occurred and if enough evidence exists to continue with a prosecution.

Once it is determined that enough evidence exists, the CA’s Office initiates criminal proceedings in Justice or Superior Court by filing complaints against individuals accused of committing crimes.  Moreover, the CAs provides legal advice to the County Board of Supervisors and all the County Departments and provides legal representation to the County Departments in court proceedings. The CA’s also processes civil forfeiture cases to forfeit property or proceeds used in the commission of antiracketeering offenses in our community.

In addition, they represent some school districts and fire districts within the county. The County Attorney’s Office is also an advocate for our youth and is very active in the community with the “You have the Power” campaign. This campaign empowers our youth and teaches them that only they have the power to make good, healthy choices in life. Good and healthy choices will allow our youth to realize their dreams, goals, and full potential. The CA’s Office also participates in Red Ribbon Week, DARE, Operation Detour, Career Fairs, and TEAM Kids. The CA’s Office conducts presentations at area schools on a variety of topics including bullying, sexting, drug use/trafficking and it’s consequences, and the Bill of Rights. Moreover, the office also has a summer internship program for high school juniors and seniors. During the internship, the students are introduced to all the different components of the criminal justice system, and they learn about each component’s function. The goal of the internship program is to get our youth interested in criminal justice careers.

The CA’s Office is also responsible for office security and the security of CA personnel. On several occasions, our CID has supported smaller police departments and taken the lead on specific criminal investigations to include a homicide.  The Santa Cruz County Attorney’s Office has 31 employees. These employees are assigned to the Criminal Division, Civil Division, Victim Services Division, Criminal Investigations Division, or Civil Forfeiture Division.

The mission of the Santa Cruz County Attorney’s Office is to encourage, create, and maintain a safe and healthy community for all. Ensure that those who violate the law in Santa Cruz County are held accountable for their actions and ensure that fair and just consequences are imposed to those same individuals. The office provides professional, timely, and competent legal advice to County Government and local and state law enforcement agencies.

The office is always in need of volunteers. We are in the process of recruiting Victim Advocate Volunteers to assist victims of crime. Anyone interested can contact Brenda Ramos at 520-375-7780 or bramos@

The Santa Cruz County Attorney George Silva was awarded last year the top DUI Enforcement Officer for Santa Cruz County by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Award from the Southern Arizona Affiliate for his work in prevention. He has carried out for the last six years a campaign about the dangers of “drunk driving” through different media outlets and schools.


Top Row/Left to right: Liliana Ortega, Enrique Gonzalez, Vanessa Cartwright, Caleb Wagner, Mireya Velasco, Luisana Leon, Carmen Escobar, Claudia Reyes, and George Silva Bottom Row/Left to right: Alma Demarest, Rachel Bustamante, Patricia Luna, and Denise Peralta



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