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Distinguished Humanitarian-Sheriff “Tony”Estrada

During the 2018 LULAC Unity Luncheon on Thursday, July 19th Sheriff Antonio “Tony” Estrada received the 2018 Ohtli Award for Lifetime of Service. The award is one of Mexico’s highest civilian honors bestowed to distinguished individuals for their humanitarian service.  

The Ohtli Award is bestowed to distinguished individuals who have provided assistance or positively affected the lives of Mexican citizens. 

“My goal has always been to protect and serve my community. I serve all residents of Santa Cruz County regardless. I must uphold the law and provide a safe environment to all residents of Santa Cruz County. I am deeply humbled to have received such an award,” said Estrada.

Estrada is currently the longest, and only Hispanic sheriff’ in the State of Arizona. He has served the community of Santa Cruz County for more than 50 years. Sheriff Tony Estrada started his career in law enforcement as a dispatcher for the Nogales Police Department before moving up in ranks to captain, which is the second-highest command position later retiring from the department. He later ran for the office of sheriff for Santa Cruz County where he has served for seven terms, holding another record for the longest-serving sheriff in the State of Arizona.

Sheriff Estrada was born in Nogales, Sonora before he moved to Nogales, Arizona with his family as a young boy. “I care deeply for this community. I understand the struggles many families face as an immigrant myself.  Many immigrants today are afraid to report crimes against them as a result of our current political environment.  My role as sheriff is to enforce the law throughout the county while providing humanitarian aid,” said Estrada.

Sheriff Tony Estrada was awarded Mexico’s Ohtli Award

Sheriff Estrada was awarded in July the Ohtli Award at the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Annual National Convention and Exposition in Phoenix.

Ohtli Award


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