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Empowering People to Succeed

Empowering People to Succeed

The Santa Cruz Center is home to a variety of educational programs and resources being offered locally. Whatever your educational goals are, stop by the center as they have friendly staff ready to assist you.   

Dr. Stella Perez – Executive Director / CEO at the Santa Cruz Center. Prior to this role, she worked at two international higher education associations—The League for Innovation in the Community College and The American Association of Community Colleges. She worked at 6 previous community colleges, in 5 states, and in a variety of administrative and faculty capacities. Her areas of research and teaching expertise are in Developmental Studies and online or e-learning. “My accomplishments in the past two years serving the SCCPCCD and working at the Santa Cruz College include, building the best operational Team I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. We are a small, multi-purpose, multi-functioning, nimble Team with a focus on students, community, and community service. Building a working & happy team, that I rely on, the SCCPCCD Board depends on, and our students need feels very satisfying,” said Dr. Perez.

Christie Monreal– Social Media Coordinator. She has been working for 2 years and seven months. While working for the college she graduated from Cochise College in 2017 with honors. Ms. Monreal started attending the University of Arizona South in the Fall of 2018. She is currently working on her Bachelor’s of Administration with a minor in Organizational Leadership. “The college is special to me because I have met the greatest people, that means family to me. I enjoy working with people and especially in an educational institution,” said Ms.Monreal.  

Aleisdy Palazuelos – Governing Board and CEO Administrative Assistant. She has been working in this position for over 2 years. She is currently working towards an Associates Degree in Political Science from Cochise College in hopes of transferring to the University of Arizona South. “The college is special to me because it is where I started my higher learning education, but also it has opened up so many opportunities for me. I never had the opportunity to work with college students before. I never realized how rewarding it is to help students grow and fulfill their educational goals,” said Ms. Palazuelos.

Leticia Cuevas – Registrar/ Receptionist. Her career in higher education began in 2001 when she started working for Pima Community College. After PCC left Santa Cruz County, she started working for Cochise College for almost 13 years. She now works for the Santa Cruz County Provisional Community College District.  “I love what I do as I have the power to make a difference providing information and guiding students as they begin their educational journey. I feel like I’m part of this college, as I have seen it grow, little by little, during the 17 years I’ve been working here,” said Ms. Cuevas.

Alex Alvarez – Security/Maintenance Operator. He worked at the Nogales Unified School District for 22 years, as a security officer. This work experience gave him the skills he needed to enforce safety and protect students. He worked for 8 years for Cochise College before transferring to the Santa Cruz County Provisional Community College this past year.  The work environment is great, and teamwork. I enjoy working at the college seeing students progress and succeed in school. It has made me a better person, a better employee, as helping serve the community has always been my priority,” said Mr. Alvarez.

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