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Meet Your Local State Represenative-Rosanna Gabaldón

Over the past six-years, Rosanna Gabaldón has been serving as our Arizona State Representative. She has been successful in advocating for Southern Arizona to the Capitol. She introduced and sponsored several bills related to public safety, the environment, and public education.  Our State Representative supported and advocated for many bills that were important for our area. She advocated for funding for the repair of the Nogales IOI and wash.

While serving at the legislature, she has participated as a member on a variety of committees, affording her the access necessary to advocate for our local area.  A ranking Democrat on the Land Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee who also serves as a member of the Local and International Affairs Committee. During her tenure, he was fortunate to be selected to participate in a number of special interim committees that have impacted our environment, public safety, and agriculture.

Why is Santa Cruz County special to you?

I have been fortunate to have long-term friends and the opportunity to build warm relationships with many citizens in Santa Cruz.  It always comes down to the people that make a place special, and I have much respect and affection for the area. It has been my honor and pleasure to be a voice for Santa Cruz County at the State Legislature.  

What would you like to change or improve in Nogales?

It is vital that we encourage initiatives and foster opportunities for economic development. By working together, we can improve our local economy through networking, advocacy, and education.

What would be your advice for people who want to change or improve our community?

Get involved, learn the issues, know your community leaders, and keep working together.  We won’t get anywhere if we don’t listen to each other. We have more items that we agree on than we disagree; find what we can advocate for and let’s all work in one direction.  United we have a stronger voice and our needs will be addressed.

What are your future plans for our community?

I will continue to address the funding needs for the Nogales IOI and Wash and keep the attention going for its continual rehabilitation.  Second, I will encourage that we take advantage of the opportunity to capitalize on the improvements invested in the infrastructure of the State Route 189 Mariposa Rd. Finally, I will continue to advocate for public education; our students and educators depend on our support and encouragement.  Join me, a single voice is nice, but the chorus of a whole community is powerful and will result in lasting change.

Are there any people or organizations you would like to personally thank for their support while you are in office?

I give my wholehearted thanks to the many unsung heroes, individuals who go to work every day and through their efforts make our community better and better. Including service organizations, our business community, and our elected leaders.  Over the past decade, I have had the privilege of working with many outstanding individuals and organizations. It is a pleasure to work with those who provide support and love for our more vulnerable in our community.

How did their support help you through the years you served as State Representative?

Through the support of social services, businesses and elected officials I was educated on the needs of our most vulnerable in our community, what economic development would be the most useful for our local needs, and what public service means.

For those individuals not interested in getting involved with their community, what would be your advice to them?

I don’t like to offer them any advice, and when they are ready, we will welcome them.  I do have advice for those who do want to get involved with our community, and that is “be strong, be brave and believe that the best is yet to come.”  

Who has been the individual who has inspired you the most throughout your career?  

There have been three. I am inspired by a certain 6-year-old; when I advocate for public education I am advocating for his needs, and I am tough.  I am inspired by an 18-year-old woman; I advocate bravely for her rights to public education and health choices, and I am resolved. I am inspired by a 90-year old woman; I advocate for her security and fulfilling her needs, and I am relentless.

How has your life changed by serving as a State Representative in our community?

Serving as your State Representative has taught me to be humble because I have met the real heroes in our community; it has made me smarter because I have learned there is so much that I don’t know; and it has taught me to appreciate our community, because I have had the opportunity to meet you.  I learned a lot more by listening than I ever did by speaking, so don’t be surprised when I want to hear about you and your needs.

“Paid for by Elect Gabaldón for House. Authorized by Rosanna Gabaldón.”

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