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The Essence of Volunteer Work

The act of donating one’s time freely and willingly for the common good of others without a monetary or financial gain are volunteers. Whenever They are an essential component in our community. Whenever we come across people who at any given time or place who hold others’ wellbeing above themselves are “priceless” to our community. If only more people in the community were like this, it would be a grand place to live in. Volunteers dedicate their time and efforts to help improve the lives of those they interact with while making a difference in the community. Non-profit organizations rely highly on volunteers to help them achieve their mission. The greatest thing about volunteering may be the benefits it offers to the recipients, community, and to the volunteers.

Veronica A. Kraushaar is a volunteer at the Hilltop Gallery. She has been volunteering there for 4 years after attending an exhibit there. Ms. Kraushaar has been volunteering since the late 1980’s in the Bay Area and in Seattle before she moved to Nogales in the mid-1990’s. Veronica has volunteered for several organizations ranging from industry (produce) associations, animal humane societies, art groups, to health and wellness organizations.

“I believe it is critical that community members support their own, especially here in the under-served Santa Cruz County where even finding qualified employees is a challenge. Volunteering not only provides a great sense of purpose and esteem, but you can see it making a real difference in a small community.  As a volunteer, if you can see your efforts bearing fruit, that is a great impetus for moving forward and doing more,” said Hilltop Gallery Volunteer Veronica A. Kraushaar.

Ms. Kraushaar brings her talent to the non-profit organization as a grant writer due to her many years in marketing. “I am a firm believer in “leaning in”, meaning that you have to step up, speak out, and get it done. The opportunity to do something in a creative, art field has always interested me due to my work in ad agencies.  It feels familiar in the sense that there is always a little tension between the creatives and the suits – management trying to run a business – and my role is to bridge that for the success of the organization,” said Kraushaar.

Veronica Kraushaar is originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She resides in Santa Cruz County with her husband and three dogs. She also owns a marketing consultancy specializing in the produce industry since the mid-1990’s.  She enjoys traveling the sights and sounds of this beautiful area.  Research studies demonstrate volunteer works is beneficial to one’s physical and mental health.  


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