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Mexican Consulate Host Labor Week Workshops

The Nogales General Mexican Consulate hosted a series of workshops in the highlight of labor week rights. This year they hosted two series of workshops: “Successful Women” and “Employee to Employer.” The workshop was open to the public. The workshops were held on Wednesday, August 30th at the General Consulate of Mexico Bicentennial Hall on Cardwell. The workshop had two successful women within the community share their experiences and the challenges they faced throughout their careers. The goal of these workshops is to encourage women around the community to never give up on their goals. The two ladies that were invited as guest speakers were Nidia Solorzano and Coco Romero.


Mrs. Nidia Solorzano is an active community member. She is also wife, mother, and grandmother where she is able to better relate to some of the challenges many of the women in attendance face every day. She is a Victim Services Advocate for the Santa Cruz County Attorney’s Office, She has been working there for many years to support women victims of domestic violence. She shared with the audience her passion is working with survivors of domestic violence. Her goal is to empower these women to move forward with their lives. She currently manages within our county the campaign on domestic violence awareness.  She has been hosting for years during the month of October the domestic violence vigil and walk at the Santa Cruz County Complex for the office of the Santa County Attorney. Mrs. Solorzano also works collaboratively with the consulate hosting a variety of workshops for the public on emotional intelligence. She was recently awarded the OTHLI Award (2015) for work within the community an award given by the Mexican Consulate.  

The other guest speaker was Mrs. Coca Romero she is the founder of St. Andrew’s Children’s Clinic.Her first child was born with cerebral palsy. She struggled to find adequate services for her daughter locally. As a result, she was motivated to find other women who were in the same situation forming a support group. St. Andrew’s Children’s Clinic has been providing for over 40 years, free specialized medical care to special needs children living in Sonora and Sinaloa, Mexico who can’t afford the care they need in their home country. Mrs. Coca Romero was awarded the Othli Award (2010) by the Mexican Institute. It recognizes community members who dedicate their lives to the well-being of the Mexican community.

The successful women workshops are hosted yearly by Francisco Elorza from the Department of Protection from the General Mexican Consulate in Nogales, Arizona located at 135 West Cardwel, St. For more information please contact Mr. Elorza at (520) 287-2521 Ext. 407 or email at:
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