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Helping Families Succeed!

Parents at one point or another understand how challenging it is to raise a child today. Raising a child is simply hard work, it requires tons of love, energy, consistency, and patience. We all agree that being a parent is tough. Parenting a child with special needs brings even more challenges. Organizations like the Santa Cruz Parent Love Connection is an advocacy group and support system for families blessed with children with special needs living in Santa Cruz County.

The Santa Cruz Parent Love Connection services Santa Cruz County with the parent to parent support for new and expectant parents, educational workshops, guidance on understanding an Individual Educational Plan (IEP), one on one consultation (not legal advice) information on resources for parents, monthly family play groups, and social gatherings. On Friday, August 25th they held one of their monthly family social gatherings at Peter Piper Pizza. It is an opportunity to socialize and provide continued support to parents with special needs children. The purpose was to promote inclusion value and awareness for special needs children in the community.  

The saying “it takes a village to raise a child,” has deep meaning when it comes to helping all children succeed. We are a community, and we all benefit when we help each other. As a result, the Santa Cruz Parent Love Connections has dedicated themselves to helping families with special needs children. For more information on how to help or be a part of this organization please contact Maria Scholnick (520) 470-5833  or




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