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Serving Santa Cruz County

UA South has been offering higher education services in Santa Cruz County since 2008. UA South, or UA Santa Cruz as it was initially known, first started as a collaborative effort between the Outreach College of the U of A and UA South. Commerce was the first major offered, and later, elementary education from there, services transitioned to UA South.

It offers local residents the opportunity to obtain a University of Arizona degree by partnering with the local community college. Students at Cochise College can transfer to UA South and complete the next two years of their degree known as the 2+2 program. They currently provide services to approximately 40 local students.

UA South supports the local community in different ways. They provide educational opportunities for Santa Cruz County residents. The University of Arizona participates in different community events such as job fairs and educational events.

“We are different from other organizations because we are the only university-housed here out of Nogales,” said Alan Aguirre Student Services Coordinator. Currently, the University of Arizona has two full-time employees and part-time student worker. 

Community members interested in more information on the educational programs offered at the UA Santa Cruz please contact Alan Aguirre Student Services Coordinator at, or at 520-287-8632.

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