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Little Red School Celebrating 95 Years

On Friday, December 30th at 12:00 p.m. Little Red School hosted a lunch Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to inaugurate their new K-5 Playground and celebrate 95 years. The Little Red School playground was made possible through a grant that Kathy Romero, School Principal applied for early in the fall that paid for 50% of the equipment. It was approved by three of the remaining board members(President: Robert Noon, Clerk: Mercie Fernandez, Ron Fish) for the current term to purchase the playground after seeing how deteriorated the playground in place was.

The Little Red School celebrated with a red ribbon cutting by board members and a barbecue grill lunch for attendees. Mr. Noon president of the school board cut the ribbon and was the first one to go down the slide. Also, former superintendent Mr. Lel Newlon and his daughter Terri attended the ceremony.

Little Red School current board members are:

President Robert Noon

Clerk-Mercie Fernandez

Board member-Ron Fish

Business Manager- Manny Huerta

School Principal Kathy Romero and teachers Lupita Bojorquez and Anna Grijalva also celebrated by going down the slides.

The Little Red School has been dedicated to its community by educating children for years.  The school’s mission is to always provide the best education to all students.  “Our students are held to the highest expectations in academics, discipline, and character. Our students are well known in the community for achieving wonderful things.  We have a committed staff of superheroes that work every day to make sure that every student learns. We are grateful to the many staff members, families, PTC, board members, students, and community stakeholders that have made our Little Red School a pride and joy for many years and more to come,” said Kathy Romero School Principal.

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