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AADYCT-Community Partner

The AADYCT Youth Group was invited to participate in the Voices & Visions Across the Borderlands Festival on November 2-6, 2016 by Dr. Jana Rivers-Norton. The group was invited to paint a mural on one of the walls at Cochise College. The group was provided with all the art supplies and space needed to paint. Over the course of 3 days of the festival the ADDYCT Youth Group had about 20 youth group members take part in the planning and painting of the mural. “The AADYCT youth group was excited and honored to be part of this project. Our youth group was excited to participate and contribute to such a great event” said, Eva Zuniga.

The AADYCT Youth Group chose for their theme to paint their mural of a young man reading a book. The theme of the mural was to motivate and inspire young people to achieve their dreams. The mural included inspirational words to make young people dream about what they can accomplish if they dream big. According to Eva Zuniga a prevention specialist from Circles of Peace, “We intentionally left a space on the wall, so people from the community could add their own creativity to the mural. We heard from sources within the college, several community members and Cochise College students started to add to the mural, which is really exciting.”



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