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People that “Echo” Arthur Espinoza

Arthur Espinoza is not new to the field of community service. He has been working in the field for over 12 years. Mr. Espinoza has been working for 7 years at the Nogales Community Food Bank as the executive director. The Nogales Community Food Bank is dedicated to keeping families in need within Santa Cruz County nourished. The food bank supplies families with fresh fruit, vegetables and groceries monthly.

The Nogales Community Food Bank is an invaluable resource in our community helping to feed families across the county.“It is not work, it is a passion for me to help those need,” said Espinoza. Passion allows you to see life differently. Arthur Espinoza was born and raised in Nogales a byproduct of a single parent household. He believes programs like these are what helped his mother make ends meets. “Programs like these are what helped me throughout my childhood. This is the main reason why I am such an advocate for helping families in need. We all need help at one point or another. It is important for us as community members to support programs that help families in need.”

According to Mr. Espinoza his mother has been his only source of inspiration and education throughout his life. “My mother taught me how to utilize core values. I owe everything I am to my mother,” said Arthur Espinoza. My goals are to continue educating and advocating for my community. It is important to for us as community members to vote and support programs that help families in need. Coming from a single parent household food stamps are what helped me throughout  my childhood.

I strongly support programs within the community that focus on helping families in need. I was the chairperson for 3 years for the Jump Back to School. This is a yearly event in, which several organizations come together to help support families in need. “Programs like these are what help make a difference for those families in need. I hope our community continues to supports organizations and people who are dedicated to helping those need,” said Arthur Espinoza executive director of the Nogales Community Food Bank.


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