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2015 Candidates of the “Fiestas de Mayo”

On Tuesday, April 7th the department of Arts and Agriculture in collaboration with the Mexican Consulate selected 4 candidates that will represent the Fiestas de Mayo Celebration. The candidate will be crowned as the official “Reina de las Fiestas.”  Each year the organizers of this event, seek female participants between the ages of 16-19 in Santa Cruz County to participate in the competition. The young ladies selected to participate are students currently attending school, dedicated to their studies, and are interested in community service. Each of the participants are required to participate in various community events not only locally but with our counterpart sister city in Nogales Sonora, Mexico.

Each of the young ladies had an opportunity to introduce themselves and the reason why they would like to participate in this competition. Also in attendance were last year winners Nailea Leon and Jocelyn Gonzalez from Nogales Sonora, Mexico. Last year winners along with Amelia Melendez one of the event organizers will be crowning the next “Reina de las Flores,” on May 2nd at Pierson field. The event is not only focused on beauty but on teaching these young ladies the importance of community involvement.


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