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6th Annual EARTHfest Patagonia

The 6th Annual EARTHfest Patagonia, AZ event will take place on Saturday, April 18 with guided hikes, workshops, youth activities and other events.  There will also be two special presentations the evenings of Thursday, April 16 and Friday, April 17.  The event is organized by a coalition of community organizations.

EARTHfest Patagonia is a  trails day, earth day, arbor day celebration of our community’s biological diversity, cultural heritage and local resiliency.  The 2015 theme is trees. All the students in our community participate by creating artistic works that express an appreciation for our biological assets.  There are guided nature walks by experts.  The local museum group offers guided local history walks.  Various workshops offer information about our hiking trails, our biological wealth and history.

This event is FUN and informative.   Additional information is available at our Facebook page “EARTHfest Patagonia AZ” or at

EARTHfest Patagonia is an opportunity to celebrate the beauty of our trails and the nature that surrounds us as well as to become informed about choices that can be made that will contribute to this resilient and thriving community.  One by one we can make the changes that work for each individual and result in the benchmark of local resiliency being realized so that our resources (natural, human and financial) are used effectively and efficiently, we co-create a thriving community, we increase the awareness of regenerative actions, we educate all members of the community with specific action steps, and we honor and respect each person’s choice.

6th Annual EarthFest

6th Annual EarthFest

Face painting

Face painting

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