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SCC celebrates local centenarians

Santa Cruz County (SCC) held a centenarian birthday celebration on Jan. 8, 2013. The celebration was a held at the SCC Complex to honor residents who have celebrated 100 birthdays along with the State of Arizona.
The event began with an introduction by SCC Recorder Suzanne “Suzie” Sainz and continued with discussion by local historian Axel Holm. Holm spoke about local and state history. Former Arizona Governor Raul H. Castro was a special guest at the event where he spoke about his prestigious life and career. The honorary centenarians in attendance were accompanied by family members and community members and were recognized for their abundant lives.


The centenarians included: Esmerecia “Chana” F. Fernandez (Jan. 23, 1912); Isabelle J. Norstad (Aug. 3, 1912); Amanda Padilla (Sept. 13, 1910); Elena Ramos (June 6, 1912); Gertrude Constance Fletcher (Dec. 25, 1912); Catalina Dabdoub Hernandez (April 30, 1908); Ermeryilda Holguin de Moreno (April 13, 1910); Micaela Leal (May 25, 1908); Elena Sainz Lopez (Nov. 21, 1908) and Apolonia Romo (May 9, 1909).

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