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Mexican Consulate honored Councilwoman with Award

Photo by Border Eco/From left to right: Eduardo Robinson, Jaime Paz y Puente Gutiérrez General Consulate, Martha Paz y Puente, Marco Antonio López, Esther Meléndez López, Carmen C. Ferlan, Amelia Meléndez

For her dedication and support to the Mexican community, Nogales Arizona councilwoman Esther Melendez Lopez was honored with the Ohtli Award.

The ceremony was held on Friday September 14th at the Salon Bicentenario of the Mexican Consulate General in Nogales, Arizona, located at 135 W. Cardwell. The event was part of the celebration commemorating the 202 anniversary of Mexico’s independence. “It is truly a privilege to receive this award. It is an honor and I am proud of my Mexican roots and heritage”, said Melendez Lopez. “You don’t do things in an effort to be recognized; many of us are working together and therefore we are many behind this recognition,” she added.


The council and businesswoman is well known for her effort and dedication to promote educational and cultural development between Mexican communities in this border town. She has over 20 years in the professional experience as owner of successful companies such as Lopez Plumbing and Picoretas Dulceria. She is also a strategic partner for the consular office.
Ohtli Recognition –which consists of a medal, a silver rosette and a certificate- is given to people who spend part of their life and career to “open gap” abroad, so Mexicans, in particular younger generations find relatively an easier path to walk.

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