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Woman of the Year recipients for 2012

On March 30, 2012, the “Agrupacion de Mujeres A.C.,” named its annual “Woman of the Year” recipients at the Americana Hotel in Nogales, Arizona. The organization holds the annual event as a celebration of International Woman’s Day, which it has participated in Mexico for the last 16 years and has been held in Nogales, Arizona for the last several years.
The group honors local woman and recently have started to include men that have done extraordinary work in the community. The event was dedicated in honor of Ana Maria Gallego Villanueva for her efforts for women, children and the community. The men and women who were recognized for their efforts this year were Joyce Hubbard, Lillian Hoff, Susan “Suzy” Sainz, Carmen Villanueva, Martha Paz y Puente, Sandra Anguiano, Maria Garcia, Elvira Wise, Roxana Lopez, Norma Bruce, Yolanda Soto, Juan Pablo Guzman, George Silva and Raul H. Castro.

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