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Las Vegas Night at Lourdes Catholic School


A spotlight illuminated the night of April 2, 2011 when Lourdes Catholic School hosted its annual glamorous Las Vegas Night. The event was hosted to generate funds in benefit of the school and was organized by Susana Dabdoub, current president of the PTA.
The night began with a delicious dinner of chipotle chicken, rice and vegetables, followed by a delectable dessert. After dinner, guests enjoyed a variety of cocktails including a tasty tamarind margarita while they enjoyed live music in the lounge.
Chips were purchased to play poker at the large number of tables provided and to use at the slot machines. Prizes were offered in trade for winning chips. The night concluded with a silent auction, capping off a great night of fundraising for Lourdes Catholic School.
Contact Information: 555 E. Patagonia Hwy., Nogales, Arizona, 85621
Phone (520) 287-5659 ext 2225

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  1. Norma Elisa Ruiz-Villasenor

    Congratulations to Lourdes Catholic School, especially to the members of the PTC, as well as parents and staff for the coordination of such a successful and fun “Las Vegas Night event!”

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