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3rd Annual Friends in Recovery Awards

The Living Center had their 3rd Annual Banquet this year at Mr. C’s. The event “Friends in Recovery” was a huge success as many community partners and members were present. The event is to honor individuals who have been successful in their recovery. It also honored those organizations who helped these individuals through their recovery. Many individuals were honored for their work and support.

Guest speakers were: Adriana Romero from Cenpatico and Alfedo I. Velasquez the Santa Cruz County School Superintendent

Awards where presented to the following organizations for their support:

Pinal Hispanic Council
-Vicky Paquette/Case Manager of the year
-Milagros Paz/Therapist of the year
-Johaness Scwamm/Direct Support Specialist

-Jacqueline Quijada/Case Manager of the year
-Alfonzo Rojo/Therapist of the year
-Ericka Delgado/Family Support of the year

Overall Awards
-Rosa Lopez/Overall Case Manager of the year
-Alberto Durazo/Overall Therapist of the year
-Adalberto Villaescusa/Overall Employment Partner of the year
-Evelyn Tovar/Overall Crisis Mobile Team Member of the year

Honorable Anna M. Montoya-Paez/Overall Judge of the year

Special Recognition
-Cenpatico; Adriana Romero for Supporting TLC and FIR activities throughout the year
-Nogales Community Food Bank; Arthur Espinoza for all the donations and support to our community
-The Kennedy Club; Michelle Connell for the love, support and positivism she provides to our community
-Cross Road Mission; Ben Wenke for the great social work he provides to our community
-SACASA; Dora Taddey for supporting FIR activities unconditionally
-Nuestra Casa Domestic Crisis Shelter; Mercedes Castro for all her good work
-Nogales Infantil; Gloria Smith for her great attitude, love and hart that has provided to our community

The Rene Salazar Award; Alexa, Lulu & Alejandrina. The Rene Salazar Award is for the most valued individual for the year, just like Rene Salazar (RIP) who was our very first FRIEND and passed away on November 21st, 2011.

-Santa Cruz County School Superintendent; Alfedo I. Velasquez for the support, the kindness and cheer this individual has given us this year. Supporting us with good intention and always being there for what we need.

For more information about this great event please contact the Living Center
2073 N. Grand Ave, Nogales, AZ 85621 • (520) 394-4380

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