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Life changing operations

The Nogales Lions Club, Nogales, Sonora, Mexico Lions Club in collaboration with Tucson Eye Care and the Camp Lowell Surgery Center executed 18 sight saving and life changing operation in Tucson, AZ., this past October 12, 2013. The project in its historic 40th had little hope of surgery to correct their eye problems.

The patients are selected months in advance by the Nogales, Sonora Lions Club through a rigorous economic study to verify that each person is in the utmost need. “At this time we have a waiting list of people needing the operations, there is so much need out there but we can only perform 20-30 surgeries in one days,” said Nogales, Sonora Lions Club Operation See Chairperson Dr. Enrique Prado. “This is a process between the two clubs that takes months of preparation,” added Prado.

“The project takes 3-6 months to organize; the Arizona club organizes special 1-day Visa’s for the patients with U.S. Customs and Border Protection; sets dates and requirements with lead physician Dr. Jack Aaron, Tucson Eye Care and the Camp Lowell Surgery Center,” said Nogales, AZ., Lions Club Chairperson David Ramirez Matus.

The day of the operations both Lions Clubs transport the patients at 4 a.m. from Nogales to Tucson, AZ for the surgeries. The patients are then screened their medical history is documented at the medical facilities. Once documented the patients are transported to Camp Lowell Surgery Center for the operations. Once operated the patients are treated to lunch provided by the club, but also received generous food provisions courtesy of the Nogales Community Food Bank and its director Arthur Espinoza.

Special recognition to Nogales Arizona Lions Club President Gabriel Gastelum and the following Lions Club members Mayra Zuniga, Pierre Baffert, Amado Manriquez, David Ramirez Matus, Renee Felix, Dr. Enrique Prado, Marina Soltero, and many other members from the Nogales Sonora Lions Club.

Recognition to the medical volunteers that made the project possible include Dr. Jack Aaron, Kellee Lemons, Lisa Rochan, Sally Romer, Elizabeth Strong, Barbara Marco, Maria Rodriguez, Kathi Gascho, Tony Shrader, Mary Ageton, Robin Nanden, Dee Sweeney, Aniam Arroyo-Noriega, Deb Hill, Tusher Patel, Scott Clark, Eileen Merriman, Ingrid Sweeney, Laurence Kaye, John Bentley, Nikhil Patel, Pat Carr, Gordy Becerra, Maria Vega, Armida Javolera, Carmen Felix-Tacaronte, Sophia Peircey, Lola Briones, Ajay Sanan, Linda Moss, Gerry Barton, Holly Hurless, Cindy Kurker, Mathew Merriman, Maggie Varelas, Pam Pegnam, Kay Cagle, Susan Hunn, Sharon Stauffer, Rosemary Garcia, Kathy Smith, Veronica Carrillo, Rachelle Hope, Colette Paris, Mai Tsai and Kelly Vanhoorees.

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