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New members for Nogales Lions Club

The Nogales Lions Club has been a service club in the community since 1945 and is currently working on multiple projects for 2013, which include the Spater Memorial Scholarship, Junior Olympics, and its biggest fundraiser of the year. Be sure to donate to the club to support the great effort of the club, who donates 100% of all it’s funding.
Recently the club inducted three new members this past March 2013. A ceremony was held at the clubs weekly meeting to induct these new members to the club. The members include Arthur Espinoza, Mike Melendez and Amado Manriquez. The club selected these individual because of their outstanding contributions to the community.

You can donate to the club by making checks payable to Nogales Lions Club and mail to P.O. Box 1148, Nogales Arizona 85628 or email any questions to

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