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Making Difficult Decisions

With more than 50 years of law enforcement experience, Sheriff Tony Estrada knows first hand that Nogales, Arizona is one of the most secure areas along the Mexican border. “The crime rate along our border town is extremely low, people are safe walking our streets at night, we take great pride in knowing our community is a safe place for our citizens,” said Estrada.   

On January 1, 1993, Sheriff Tony Estrada was first sworn into office. He was born in Nogales, Sonora Mexico before his family immigrated to Nogales, Arizona when he was just an infant. He comes from a family of humble beginnings who always encouraged him to work hard. Estrada first started his career in law enforcement working as a dispatcher for the Nogales Police Department. He worked his way through the ranks before he retired as a captain for the department in 1991.

Sheriff Tony Estrada is currently serving his seventh-consecutive term as sheriff in Santa Cruz County. At the age of 76-years-old, Sheriff Tony Estrada is debating now whether or not he should retire. “I  have a difficult decision to make this new election season. My family feels I have done and accomplished enough that they feel it might be time for me to retire. I feel extremely healthy and capable to continue in this role but the decision, if I should retire, will be dependent on my family, friends, and work-family. Family comes first they have always supported me and they will support whatever decision I make but I also have to think about them,” said Sheriff Estrada.

According to the County Elections Office, five candidates have filed official paperwork to run for Santa Cruz County sheriff in 2020. “I am aware of the candidates running for this office have started early in their election campaign. It looks like it will be an extremely competitive race. One of the things that are unfortunate about politics and campaigning is it brings out the worst out of some people. People that you consider friends or acquaintances turn their back on you, and then you have those that are nasty or vicious. It is harmful and hurtful to the family because they never want to hear anything negative about your husband, your father or grandfather so having gone through 7 administrations they have been more than supportive but also the support of the community,” stated Estrada. 

“Since I took office the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office has grown into an exceptional law enforcement agency in Southern Arizona. As sheriff, I have tailored law enforcement and policies to meet the needs of our county. It is important for our residents to feel safe and I have an obligation to ensure their public safety,” said Estrada.

“I am humbled by the opportunity to serve my constituents. I am thankful for having the opportunity to work with such a great team of law enforcement people. They are key to many of my successes, they have worked by my side for years, we are a family. I would have never dreamed that someone with my background would have the opportunity to serve such an office,” said Sheriff Tony Estrada. 

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