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Feeding Santa Cruz County

The Community Food Bank serves nearly 200,000 people a year with emergency food assistance throughout five counties in southern Arizona covering a 23,000 square mile area. Our local food bank in  Santa Cruz County serves approximately 2600 families. The local food bank mission is to feed the hungry. They provide emergency food assistance to children, families and seniors.

The food bank also partners with our local schools to encourage healthy eating habits. They  currently work with 6 local schools, and the Boys & Girls Club to distribute produce to children and families within the community. “The Kid’s Farmers Market program enables the food bank  to distribute produce to 2,650 students on a monthly basis. Approximately 45,000 pounds of fresh produce are distributed to children and families in the community.

“We change lives by feeding the hungry today, and building a healthy, hunger-free tomorrow,” said Efrain Trigueras Nogales Operations Site Director. The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona currently employs about 130 people in the five counties it serves. The Nogales branch has 11 employees.

“Volunteers are essential to our Community Food Bank! People are always welcome to volunteer by inquiring at the Nogales branch or going online to our website and clicking on the tab “Get Involved,” said Trigueras.

The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona was recently recognized as the 2018 Food Bank Member of the Year by Feeding America, a network of the 200 largest food banks in the United States. The Food Bank was recognized for its work in rescuing edible produce from being thrown into the landfill, and getting the produce to people who need it, not only in Southern Arizona, but to other parts of the state, and country. The Community Food Bank was also recognized for being a supportive community partner.

If you are interested this holiday season in helping the local food bank you can hold a food drive or make a  monetary donation, this is a great way to help support your local food bank. For more information on donating to the local food bank please visit their site at www.


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