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Community Partner-The Consulate General of Mexico

The Consulate General of Mexico in Nogales, Arizona is one of our closest community partners. It also one of 1674 foreign representations across the United States, and the only foreign representation in Nogales. The Consulate General of Mexico was established on May 14th of 1885 (133 years ago). They have been serving our community for several decades now. The consulate in our community has several functions within our community. The General Consulate serves the general public, especially Mexican nationals, Mexican-American and U.S. citizens who want to visit, live, study or invest in Mexico. The jurisdiction of the Consulate General of Mexico in Nogales, Arizona, is Santa Cruz County and Green Valley, AZ.

The consulate’s main role is to protect the rights of Mexican nationals abroad, issuing permits and legal documentation. Their goal is to promote culture, tourism, and the commercial interests of Mexico. It currently provides the following health, financial and educational services to the public those are: Ventanilla de Salud, Ventanilla de Educación Financiera, and Ventanilla de Educación.  The General Consulate also provides young people with IME BECAS scholarships to help them meet their educational goals.

The  Consul General is Ricardo Santana Velázquez he was appointed on June 24, 2016. “Our biggest accomplishment is having the opportunity to serve Mexico and the Mexican people that reside here in Santa Cruz County. Our role is to help Mexican nationals who reside here is the county with resources they need and provide human rights protection. We work in collaboration with several different organizations to make sure our people are getting the help and services they need to improve their lives,” said Consul General, Ricardo Santana Velázquez.

The General Consulate currently has 24 staff members those are: the Consul General, Deputy Consul, Consul of Protection, Protection Dept., Administration, Head of Documentation Dept., Documentation Dept., Community Affairs, Cultural and Economic Promotion. The Consulate General of Mexico is extremely involved in our community they work on the year-round basis with several community partners to ensure community needs are being met.    


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