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One Stop Access to Vibrant Art

The Hilltop Gallery (DBA:  Patrons of the Arts, Inc.) in Nogales, AZ was founded in 1968. In 1968 a group of Nogalians interested in the arts under the leadership of Jean Wisdom formed the Patrons of the Arts with the purpose of building a public gallery.They are a non-profit organization bringing arts and culture to an underserved community. They have successfully exhibited nine or more shows per year since the building was completed in the early 1970’s.

Hilltop Gallery is the only permanent art collection in the region that has an exhibit and education activities representing two cultures: U.S. and Mexico.  They work in collaboration with the General Mexican Consulate, Chambers of Commerce, and the Piméria Alta Historical Society.  Hilltop Gallery offers a venue for local artists where they can display their work.  They also offer classes in art for adults and children at little or no cost to them.  Their goal is to promote art in the community. The gallery curate works from artists throughout Mexico to hang alongside U.S. artists, delivering a “one-stop” access to vibrant international art scenes.

Their dedicated staff and volunteer Board, Patrons of the Arts, Inc., work with local artists and businesses in the community to bring the best art pieces to Santa Cruz County. They strive to serve anyone interested in the arts.

“What makes us special is our continuing effort to promote the arts to enrich the lives of everyone in the community,” said President Derwent Suthers .

The gallery has no employees, only volunteers from the Board of Directors and occasionally volunteers from the public.  They temporarily have a receptionist/trainee, Lupita Hernandez, who works with through a sponsored work training program AYUDA.

Hilltop Gallery Board Officers are: Derwent A. Suthers, President, Curtis Kraushaar, Vice President, Lance Larson, Treasurer, Marlene Wade, Secretary Anne Jehle, Alex Jones, Janice Johnson, Tom Bell, George Thomson, Patricia Preciado, Cristina Lebario. Most have served just a few years on the board.  Janice Johnson exhibit chairperson has served over thirty years. She was honored more than once for her years of volunteer service by the State of Arizona.  

“Our gallery has served as a venue for a number of aspiring artists to have their very first solo showing. Our legacy will be good memories of good experiences with art for all of our young students, adult students and art supporters who attend our monthly shows, said President Derwent Suthers. The Hilltop Gallery has former board members that are still active teaching art, arranging for exhibits, cleaning up after a show and many other things.  Their publicist and internet wizard prefers anonymity but does wonders for the Hilltop Gallery behind the scenes.

“We could always use more supporting members.  We would love to have more volunteers to share the workload on show opening days or to serve as a board member willing to offer their time and energy for a very worthwhile cause,” said President Derwent Suthers.

For information on how to donate or volunteer please contact them at: (520) 287-5515  or visit the location at: 730 N Hill Top Dr, Nogales, AZ 85621

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