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“Empowering through Education”

The Santa Cruz County School Superintendent’s Office has an important function within our county. Their main role within our county is to serve as a fiscal agent to all school districts in Santa Cruz County, as well as a liaison to the Arizona Department of Education. Their main responsibility includes budget assistance, auditing and approving payments of payroll and expense vouchers submitted from all school districts. They also hold basic administrative functions, their office coordinates elections for school districts and maintains records of school personnel certification. The County School Superintendent Alfredo I. Velasquez is an elected official serving a 4-year term.

The superintendent’s office also manages the CREO project, which stands for: Career Readiness Educational Opportunities.Their office also introduced the Metro Matematicas an innovative model of teaching mathematics in schools. “The Superintendent’s Office is a wonderful organization to work with because you have an overall vision of the county and you are able to work on projects that you know will have a positive impact on our community. It is extremely rewarding seeing that your actions have an immediate impact on the young people in our county,” said Chris Young Chief Deputy.

During the month of February, the Santa Cruz Superintendent’s Office is promoting Early Childhood Development. They want to ensure the community understands the importance of a child’s first years and how it relates to success later in life.  “The better we develop our young children, the better our community will be,” said Chirs Young.    

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