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Santa Cruz County International Film Festival

The Santa Cruz County International Film Festival originated from the Santa Cruz Nature and Heritage, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) a non-profit organization in Santa Cruz County for 6 years.The Santa Cruz County International Film Festival started from a simple conversation between  film enthusiastics,  sparking the idea to educate tourists and community members on the  history of film making  in Santa Cruz County.  A total of 130 films have been shot in Santa Cruz County. “The Santa Cruz County International Film Festival gives us an opportunity to demonstrate to the public the beauty and history of Santa Cruz County through film,” said Linda Rushton Chair of the Santa Cruz Nature and Heritage.

The Santa Cruz County International Film Festival opened its fifth season of free film screenings produced in Santa Cruz County. The event kicked off on Thursday, Oct 20th at 6:00 p.m. at the Quality Inn Hotel Americana, which followed with a free film presentation “El Desierto.” The Santa Cruz County International Film Festival this year held a binational film screening on the border fence at West International. The film was produced in Sonora, Santa Cruz, and the old Mescal Studios near Benson, Arizona. The film festival ran for 4 days from Thursday, Oct. 20th through Sunday, Oct 23rd. The films featured during the festival were documentaries and independent movies by regional local filmmakers.

On Friday and Saturday, several films shot locally were shown at the Oasis Cinema and the Quality Inn Hotel Americana those films included “The Frisco Kid,” “Another Man Another Chance,” “Monte Walsh” and “The Quick and the Dead.” On Friday night, the Holler and Saunders residence at 590 W. International St. hosted the opening event, with tickets being sold at $50 a piece with transportation included from the hotel to event. The film featured at this event is the “Flor de Mayo,” featured famous Mexican actors Maria Felix, Pedro Armendariz and Jack Palance.

The Santa Cruz Film Festival also hosted on Saturday a tour at the San Rafael Ranch in Elgin for attendees. The also featured special screening films that were shot at the ranch those films included “Tom Horn,” “Oklahoma” and “McLintock.” The same evening at 7 p.m., two short documentaries “Flor de Mayo” and “El Mono Bichi” aired at the Museo de Arte de Nogales in Nogales, Sonora.

In Patagonia, the Tin Shed aired two films “The Quick and the Dead” and the “Monte Walsh” with a documentary “Tom Horn”. The festival wrapped up on Sunday with a trip to the Mescal movie set with film historians from Old Tucson Studios as tour guides, attendees had an opportunity to visit movie sets and location of movies filmed in the area.

For information on this event please visit their website at: or how to become a part of this great organization please contact: Chair Linda Rushton, (520) 988-5425

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