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Nuestra Casa/Our House

Nuestra Casa/Our House is a program provided by Catholic Community Services in Southeastern Arizona non-profit organization. It is a program here in Santa Cruz County that provides a safe haven to victims of physical, economic, sexual, and/or emotional abuse. Their primary purpose here in the community is to maintain and strengthen the family in crisis through support and education. Services are available to family members needing shelter or referrals within/outside the agency.

Nuestra Casa/Our House provides emergency shelter to men, women, and children whose lives have been interrupted by domestic violence. Nuestra Casa/Our House is a program here in Santa Cruz County that works with families to provide them a safe haven. It has been in operation for 9 years. The program was first started by a group of community leaders who felt it was important to have a shelter in Santa Cruz County, where victims of domestic violence can be referred to ensure their safety.  

Nuestra Casa/Our House serves approximately 21,000 people in Nogales, and 19,000 in Rio Rico. It serves anyone in Santa Cruz County needing a safe place to stay. It offers emergency shelter, transitional housing, resources, and referrals for services to victims of domestic violence. Victims of domestic violence are referred to Nuestra Casa/Our House regardless of citizenship.

The program here in Nogales is run by a lead case manager Mercedes Castro, and Norma Garcia program aide her assistant. Both of these ladies are responsible for the daily operations of the shelter including managing the 24-hour hotline. The program is currently housing 7 children, and 6 women at the shelter. The program receives its funding through grants, donations, and yearly fundraisers to help sustain their daily operations.”Our goal is to ensure families are safe and have the support they need through this rough transition,” said Mercedes Castro.

Nogales Property Management provides them with a home to help house those families victims of domestic violence. The home is rented on a monthly basis by Catholic Community Services for $1.00 dollar. “Thanks to the generosity of Nogales Property Management, their support helps us to keep the shelter in operation for families needing a safe place to stay,” said Mercedes Castro lead case manager.

“We are extremely grateful to many individuals, organizations, and law enforcement for their continued support,” said Castro. The program here in Santa Cruz County works closely with the Santa Cruz County Attorney’s Office, Nogales Police Department, and the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Department to ensure families, victims of domestic violence are safe and have a place to stay.
Nuestra Casa/Our House hosts a yearly fundraiser to help raise funds to continue supporting women, men, and children victims of domestic violence. Families going into the shelter are in great need of basic items such as deodorant, soap, toilet paper, diapers, etc,. Donations are always welcome and deeply appreciated. If interested in donating basic toiletry items for families in need please contact the shelter at (520) 287-2107.

Nuestra Casa/Our House would like to thank the following donors for their contributions to our shelter: Nelinda Panousopoulos, Joyce Hubbard, Alan Hubbard, Leslieh Sundstrom, Mary Helen Maynard, Manuel Huerta, Jose I. Duran, Ronaldo Castro, Kimberly J. Hunley, Santa Cruz Realtor, International Agriculture, Zonta Foundation, MAS, AACHC, Santa Cruz County Exchange Club, J.C. Distributing, and Nogales Property Management.

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