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People that “Echo” are individuals within Santa Cruz County that work diligently to improve our community. These individuals are selected for their exceptional community service.

Meet Your Local State Represenative-Rosanna Gabaldón

Over the past six-years, Rosanna Gabaldón has been serving as our Arizona State Representative. She has been successful in advocating for Southern Arizona to the Capitol. She introduced and sponsored several bills related to public safety, the environment, and public education.  Our State Representative supported and advocated for many bills that were important for our area. She advocated for funding for ... Read More »

People that “echo”- Ricardo Santana Velázquez

This month’s people that “echo” has chosen an individual who has during his term in office demonstrated his commitment to our community. Ricardo Santana Velázquez Consul General of Mexico in Nogales, Arizona was appointed on June 24, 2016.  He comes from the Consular Representations of Del Rio and Eagle Pass, Texas where he served as Consul General. Prior to this, ... Read More »

People that “Echo”-Belinda St. John

People that “echo” aims to highlight community members dedicated to public service. Few people have the opportunity to fully experience the true meaning of one’s calling but not Belinda St. John. She knew right from when she started working at the Santa Cruz County One-Stop Career Center this was her true calling. Belinda has been working there for the past ... Read More »

People that “Echo”-Silvia Brown

This month’s people that “echo” choice is a woman who has dedicated her life to helping families and children in Santa Cruz County. Silvia Brown is the Program Services Coordinator for Child-Parent Centers. She started working at the Nogales Head Start were she worked as a teacher for 23 Years. She was later promoted to Center Manager where she worked ... Read More »

People that “echo”-Alberto Durazo

This month’s people that “echo” recognizes Alberto Durazo.  It is estimated that nearly 50 percent of all Americans ages 15 to 54 experience a psychiatric disorder at some point in their lives. He is a strong advocate for people who struggle with mental health issues. “I can honestly say working in the field of mental health can be a challenging ... Read More »

People that “echo”-Tom Bell

This month Border Eco is featuring in their people that “echo” section Tom Bell. He has been a member of the Hilltop Gallery board of directors for several years now. Bell served one year as treasurer, vice president and for several years now as a handyman. “I was attracted to the Hilltop because of my interest in art and the ... Read More »

People that “echo”-Maria Scholnick

For this New Year, Border Eco selected Maria Scholnick for our People that “Echo” in our community piece. Mrs. Scholnick was born in the northern part of the peninsula of Baja California Mexico. She was raised for the most part of her childhood in Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico. Her mother was a missionary and her father worked as a weather broadcaster ... Read More »

People that “echo”-Yassar Canchola

For our December issue our people that “echo” editorial chose Yassar Canchola as an individual who echoes in Santa Cruz County. Mr. Canchola is a Nogales native. Mr. Canchola is not new to the field of social work. He began his career in the field in 1994. He is currently a substance abuse counselor and site supervisor for South Eastern ... Read More »

People that “echo”- Jenny Hill

This month’s pick for people that echo is prominent community leader Jenny Hill who has for several years now advocated for families and children with autism. She was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona where her father served in the Air Force. She later married and moved to Nogales where she raised her two sons Tom and Wally. Jenny Hill ... Read More »

People that “echo”-Patty Molina

This month’s editorial is featuring a community leader who has dedicated much of her life to community service. Patty Molina was born and raised in Nogales, Arizona. She returned to Nogales the summer of 1992. Mrs. Molina began working at the Pimeria Alta Historical Society. There she helped organize the society’s library and archives. She also played a huge role ... Read More »

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