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Young but experienced

BY JOSEPH WRIGHT When Charlie Sandoval Sr. and his son Charlie “Chach” Jr. started the company MACC Produce, L.L.C. 2 years ago, the idea was to make it a family business. They wanted the name to represent just that. MACC stands for Mary(Charlie Sr.’s wife), Andriena(their daughter), Chach, and Charlie. A creative little anagram that came together pretty well. Although ... Read More »

Action needed

CONTRIBUTED What does international business mean for Santa Cruz County, is a question that most of us do not ask ourselves very often.  Especially if we are not in the business where wes ee it as a trade that has been around our entire lives and something that is commonplace, as we drive by the hundreds of local warehouses, and ... Read More »

Ford expansion will lead to increase border commerce

BY LUIS FERNANDO PARRA In what he called “great news for the State of Sonora”, Felipe Calderon, the President of Mexico, alongside Mark Fields, President of the Americas for the Ford Motor Company, recently announced a 1.3 billion dollar expansion of the Ford assembly plant in Hermosillo, Mexico.  The announcement was made in Mexico City.  President Calderon also stated that this ... Read More »

Resource center has grown substantially since it opened

BY DAVID RAMIREZ MATUS In the first edition of Border Eco, the great program that is the Family Resources Centers that is located in Nogales, Rio Rico and the recently added Patagonia location was featured. These centers are designed to help families with children between the ages of 0 through 5 by preparing them for school and giving them the ... Read More »

Want a Change for the Better? Try Leading for a Change

By Alex Rodriguez It is no big secret that in Ambos Nogales as in the entire world, problems abound everywhere you look these days.  Yes, we are faced with daily challenges that at times seem insurmountable.  Sadly, to some, life has become one tragic situation after another.  Why is that?  You can blame things on the economy and the Great ... Read More »

Providing great insurance options

When looking for insurance there are numerous options available, but local businesswoman Dani Sanchez-Ley is one agent that has made a mark in Santa Cruz County; both for her business and community outreach. Sanchez-Ley is a native of Nogales and a graduate of Lourdes Catholic High School class of 1997, but she is far from your typical small town girl, ... Read More »

MARIPOSA Provides Dental Services at Rio Rico Clinic

BY JOSEPH WRIGHT In the summer of 2011, the Mariposa Community Health Center in Rio Rico located on Circulo Mercado expanded its service capacity to residents of Rio Rico, Tumacacori and Tubac by remodeling to include a beautiful, new state of the art dental clinic. The clinic is staffed by Dr. Michael Allen, Dr. Swati Patel and Dr. John Betz. ... Read More »

Experiencing ‘La Entrada De Tubac’

BY JOSEPH WRIGHT Over the last couple of years the expansion in the Tubac Village has been has been overwhelmingly rapid. What used to be just a few streets with familiar shops and quiet bistros is now a thriving marketplace with more and more art galleries, fancy dining, and unique craft shops that attract more than just a few of ... Read More »

Experience iconic fine dining

BY ALMA CECILIA PARRA You can’t go to Nogales and not visit the iconic La Roca restaurant. With the most versatile atmosphere, from business to a celebration or just a nice dinner, La Roca is the best choice to share with your friends and loved ones at any given time. The experience starts as you enter, you won’t believe what ... Read More »

New McDonalds opens

Local food icon in Downtown Nogales has now reopened for business. The location was shutdown earlier this year for a short period of time in order to build a brand new location with a variety of modern advances. Following is a excerpt from a previous article: It’s been a year and a half since LeAnn Richards acquired the Nogales McDonalds ... Read More »

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