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Real Mexican Home Cooking

German Larios,

Cocina la Ley, a locally owned Mexican restaurant, opened its doors in 1993 with the idea of offering the best fresh specialized Mexican dishes. This local eatery is celebrating its 20th anniversary as owner/operator German Larios continues its traditions. Larios began his career at the tender age of sixteen as a grill cook in a small food cart. This small ... Read More »

Chrysler returns to SCC

Tony Griffin, General Manager and Partner of Horne Ford, Champion Cars.

Chrysler Dodge will be making its return to Santa Cruz County (SCC) after a 4-year absence. The return to the local market comes via the Horne Auto Group (HAG), which is a welcome addition that will take part at Champion Cars located in downtown Nogales. The Champion Cars location was formally a used auto dealership that first opened in 2008 ... Read More »

Greater Tucson Leadership visit to Nogales creates positive image

Nogales, AZ—The Greater Tucson Leadership (GTL) organization visited Nogales last Friday for an up-close and positive view of the economic potential and impacts the City of Nogales and the entire border has on the Tucson region and the State of Arizona. “There are still many people in other communities north of here that have a negative perception of Nogales and ... Read More »

Women told us what they wanted

BY Heather Dodge Over the years it became increasingly clear that most women prefer gynecologists and obstetricians who, like themselves, are women. National statistics bear this out. Now Mariposa Community Health Center in Nogales offers the full range of expert services by all women OB/GYN providers. Dr. Pilar Baquero and Dr. Erica Simon, plus their excellent team of assistants, are ... Read More »

Tooth truths tidbits & a commencement address

CONTRIBUTED Teeth function like rebar in concrete, reinforcing your jaw-bone.  Losing a single tooth results in a 40% to 60% loss of this bone.  The lower jaw, otherwise known as the mandible, is a horseshoe shaped bone with a dual hinges.  Located slightly in front of your ears, one can sometimes hear the clicking and popping of a damaged joint ... Read More »

Hospitalists program

BY DAVID RAMIREZ MATUS For several years the Carondelet Health Network has adopted a new and revolutionary system of servicing patients through its Hospitalists program. These are hospital-based physicians that manage the care of patients during their stay. The hospitalists manage the inpatient stay from admission through discharge, overseeing and coordinating the care, dealing with medical records, answering any questions, keeping ... Read More »

From humble beginnings

BY DAVID RAMIREZ MATUS James “Jimmy” Edward Chamberlain was born on the Yerba Buena Ranch near Kino Springs just outside of the city of Nogales. With the odds stacked against him and only a fifth grade education, Chamberlain, at the young age of 14, set out to move into the city to look for work. Chamberlain had settled down working for the Puchi ... Read More »

Pioneers, business & melons

BY DAVID RAMIREZ MATUS The story of one of the pioneers of local produce business starts in the early 1930’s when Al Harrison and his brother, Robert, owned a wholesale company named Harrison Brothers in the Los Angeles, California area. Harrison struggled to acquire decent quality fruits and vegetables, which a large majority was being transported from Florida to California through ... Read More »

What’s available locally

CONTRIBUTED Mexico is a country that enjoys plenty of sunshine, precipitation, fertile soil and a variety of growing regions and microclimates, making it an ideal place for the cultivation of a huge variety of fresh, high-quality fruits and vegetables. Search for suppliers currently carrying produce you’re interested in. Beans: One of the longest-cultivated plants, have been grown for six thousand ... Read More »

U.S. – Mexico Trade Reached $460 Billion

CONTRIBUTED U.S. – Mexico Trade Reached a Record – Breaking of $460 Billion in 2011 It has now been 18 years since the NAFTA began to expand trade across the North American region, providing a substantial boost to its competitiveness in the global economy, and strengthening the relationships between Mexico, the United States, and Canada. Since NAFTA entered into force, ... Read More »

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