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People that “Echo”Marcela Chavez

This month we recognize an individual by the name of Marcela Chavez from our community who has been “echoing” for years as the program director for United Way of Santa Cruz County. She is an individual who has established herself well within the community as a dedicated public servant. She has dedicated herself entirely towards supporting local organizations within the community to help keep programs, and services that benefit those in need. Mrs. Chavez is a Nogales native. She is married to Mauricio Chavez  CMPI | WIOA Director of the Santa Cruz County One Stop Career Center. “I married my high school sweetheart,” said Mrs. Chavez. She is a mother of two young adults Alexia 23, and Mauricio Chavez 18. Alexia Chavez is a student at the University of Arizona working on her Master’s in Psychology. Mauricio Chavez was recently accepted to NAU with a full ride scholarship. When Mrs. Chavez first started many local organizations were not familiar with the role United Way played within our community. She has for 5 years been able to establish a successful  local diaper program. The diaper program provides diapers to children, people with disabilities, and seniors in Santa Cruz County. It also provides wipes, hygiene products, bed liners, and rash creams to those in need. United Way of Santa Cruz collaborates with Mariposa Community Health Center to qualify participants for the diaper bank program. “One of my main goals is to grow the diaper bank program in Santa Cruz. People in our community have a need for these items.

One of my personal passion is working towards helping our senior citizens. They are an extremely vulnerable population who live the last days of their lives on very limited budget. They really struggle to make ends meet,” said Mrs. Chavez. Rebuilding Together is another program Marcela Chavez has been coordinating for over 15 years in Santa Cruz County. This program provides support to local veterans through the funding of home improvements. The program helps repair local veteran homes. The program is funded through larger corporations like White Elephant, Wellsfargo, and Sears. “I have two jobs that I extremely enjoy. I get to work with the community. I have an opportunity to help people,” said Marcela Chavez.

People that "Echo" Marcela Chavez

“I have two jobs that I extremely enjoy. I get to work with the community. I have an opportunity to help people,” said Marcela Chavez.

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