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People that “Echo”-Denisse Melendez

This month’s people that “Echo” is Denisse Melendez. She is a Nogales native born, and raised in Nogales, Arizona. Mrs. Melendez attended A.J. Mitchell Elementary, Wade Carpenter, and graduated from Nogales High School in 2001. Mrs. Melendez is happily married to Luis Melendez they have 3 children: Luis Jr, 13 years old, Alexa 8 years old, and Aaron 5 years old.
Mrs. Melendez is passionate about our schools. She demonstrates her passion through helping organize the Jump Back to School event every year for our elementary students in Nogales. She has been volunteering her time to make this a successful event for our schools. Her work and dedication to our schools exemplifies that of a true leader whose work “echoes” within our schools, and community. Denisse Melendez works as an office manager and program assistant for the Santa Cruz County Superintendent’s Office.

She has been working there for 12 years. She also worked for the Nogales Unified School District for 1 ½ years in the finance department. “I enjoy everything about my job. I love to work for the County School Superintendent’s Office, the Districts and the public,” said Melendez.
The county school superintendent’s office is the fiscal agent for districts in Santa Cruz County. The superintendent’s office helps to organize several events, and programs throughout the year. Those include: Jump Back to School, Rio Rico School Blitz, Pharm Camp, Metromatematicas, and the Summer Institute. “I work with a great team of people who are truly dedicated to making a differences in the lives of our students. Teamwork is extremely important if you want to succeed,” said Mrs. Melendez.
Mrs. Melendez future plans are to complete her educational goals. She is currently working on her Bachelor’s Degree in business. She will be returning this fall to continue working working on her degree.


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