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Creo Project Recognized Across Arizona

The CREO Project is in its 3rd year of funding. It is a program funded for 4 years through the US Department of Labor. The CREO project includes the MetroMatematicass Program and Career Readiness Program. The Santa Cruz County Superintendent’s Office was recently awarded a Summit Award and Merit Award at the 2016 Arizona Association of Counties Conference for their innovative programs.

The projects-based applied math program is being implemented at Rio Rico High School and Nogales High School as an elective and Honors elective for freshmen. There are currently 95 students enrolled in the program. It is a 2 year lab course where students learn math through metrology, learn problem-solving skills, learn to work in teams while conducting experiments, analyzing data,and completing projects derived from the STEM curriculum.

There are currently two middle schools in Santa Cruz County also utilizing the same program to supplement their math and STEM curriculum while using equipment from the Santa Cruz County Provisional Community College. Students enrolled in this program work towards earning a Six Sigma Yellow Belt after completing the program.

Students from 4 partnering counties from Santa Cruz, Pima, Cochise and Yuma had an opportunity to present and share their educational program at the 2016 Youth Career Connect Summit. The educational programs were based out of the STEM curriculum related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Attendees at the Youth Career Connect Summit were extremely impressed with Santa Cruz County youth and their ability to articulate their educational program publically.

The CREO Advisory Council was formed by local businesses, and industry people working in collaboration to help steer the program in order to build career pathways to STEM jobs in Santa Cruz County. CREO volunteers assist in mentoring, providing internships, job shadowing, and workshops to assist students in their learning.  The Santa Cruz County Superintendent’s Office is working towards building a sustainable program that schools and community partners will value and be able to continue even after the grant funds have ended.  


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