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What It Means to Be a State Representative

Member of the Arizona House of Representatives are elected to two-year terms with a term limit of four consecutive terms.  Each of our State’s 30 legislative districts elects two representatives.  State Representatives bring with them a variety of experiences; there is no formal education or professional experience requirements.

A State Representative will spend most their time on passing bills into law.  We meet, debate and vote on proposed legislation.  We listen to each other and debate the arguments.  Sometimes in support and sometimes in opposition of a bill, depending on how each of us believe the legislation may affect the people we represent.  We listen to different perspectives on the issues, including the opinions of business leaders, our constituents and lobbyists.  We spend a lot of time meeting face-to-face with the people we represent.

We also meet many of our constituents in our election campaigns, where we respond to their questions and requests for assistance.  Many of the bills come from these discussions, because in the end our job is to make sure that we address problems such as lack of employment opportunities, funding for public education and public safety.

To securing funding we work to convince others of the value of the projects and programs that affect our community.  Infrastructure and improvement projects, public protection, social and educational programs require funding.  As Representatives we help find sources for that funding, including federal grants and private investors.

Our Elected Officials take serious the fact that they represent all the people and when the time comes, they roll up their sleeves and work together for the greater good of our great State.  It is an honor to represent and serve the people of Legislative District 2.

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