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2016 Primary Election-Local and state candidates

Every Vote Matters!

The Primary Election day is August 30th! Every vote matters. Make your voice be heard. Here in Santa Cruz County there is a local Democratic office reaching out to voters. The Arizona Coordinated Campaign will be making calls and knocking on Democratic friendly, neighborhood doors throughout the state. They will be reminding and encouraging voters that every vote matters, every ... Read More »

Decision 2016- Meet the candidates

The elections are just around the corner. Here at Border Eco we want to ensure the public stays informed on the candidates. Our goal is simply to inform. We are a media outlet who takes pride in keeping the public informed. Make your voice be heard! Make it a point to vote, it is your civic duty! Current Open Offices-up ... Read More »

Meet the candidates!

Local and state politicians addressed the public on Tuesday, August 9th to propose their plans for economic growth and prosperity. The forum was held at 5:30 p.m. at the Quality Inn Hotel conference room. The forum was hosted by the Santa Cruz County Board of Realtors. Politicians had an opportunity to introduce themselves, and talk about their propositions to help ... Read More »

Congratulations Representative Gabaldon!

Congratulations Representative Gabaldon! She was recently informed by the Arizona Education Association Fund for Public Education, AEA’s PAC, as being recommended for the Friendly Incumbent legislative candidate for the Arizona Legislature in LD 2. The PAC will be working with Representative Gabaldon to ensure she achieves victory in both the 2016 Primary and General Elections. Read More »

Voters head to the polls

Polling places were active yesterday August 28, 2012 as voters made there way to the polls. The local and national campaigns are in full force in this election year with the local primary election as the first step for candidates. Also at the polling places where the local candidates hoping to encourage locals and give them one last impression before ... Read More »

2012 Santa Cruz County Position Descriptions

By Celest Lopez Assessor: The Assessor is responsible for locating, identifying and appraising all property subject to ad valorem taxes. The full cash value, set by the Assessor, must reflect current market values of the property. The Assessor’s Office notifies property owners of values and processes petitions for review of property valuations. A complete and certified assessment roll is prepared ... Read More »

Elizabeth “Liz” Gutfahr

Elizabeth “Liz” Gutfahr is running for the position of Santa Cruz County Treasurer. Gutfahr was born and raised in Nogales, Arizona and graduated from Nogales High School in 1979. She has worked for Santa Cruz Title Company and Rio Rico Properties, Inc. She has been with Rio Rico Properties for thirty years and currently holds the position of Manager of ... Read More »

Phil Damon

Read More »

Eddie Rosas Jr.

Eddie Rosas is running for the position of Santa Cruz County Sheriff. He was born and raised in Santa Cruz County and has thirty years of experience working in law enforcement and as a security specialist. He has served as a police officer, detective, sergeant, lieutenant and an agent. Rosas even served as the Nogales Police Department Chief of Police ... Read More »

Antonio “Tony” Estrada

Antonio “Tony” Estrada is in the running for reelection for Santa Cruz County Sheriff. He currently holds the position and has provided 19 years of service as sheriff to the county. He has more than 40 years of law enforcement experience within Santa Cruz County. Estrada has a proven record of integrity and commitment and is dedicated to all the ... Read More »

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