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Mariposa Community Health Center Recognizes Dr. John S. Betz

Dr. Betz-"20 years of exemplary leadership"

Dr. John Betz Chief of Dental Services at the Mariposa Community Health Center was recently recognized for his dedication and community service in Santa Cruz County and for his “20 years of exemplary leadership” within the organization. Dr. Betz started his career in dentistry in the Army Dental Corps where he served as a dental assistant from 1969 to 1971. ... Read More »

“Gathering Grounds Coffee House & Grill, Helping Local Artist’s Gain Recognition”

Gathering Grounds Coffee Shop

The Gathering Grounds Coffee House & Grill has been open for over 20 years, it is located in central Patagonia. Now owned by Mrs.Doles and her family, they serve a variety of coffee and have a very healthy menu with a variety of choices to choose from. Mrs.Doles first started working there when she was 14 as a server. While ... Read More »

“Helping Individuals with Disabilities Lead Productive Lives”

“This is my vocational calling, I enjoy the work I do. As long as I am able, I would like to continue to improve the services we provide here.”

Santa Cruz Training Program (SCTP) has been helping children and adults with disabilities for over 46 years. The Santa Cruz Training Program provides children, young people, and adults with training opportunities.  Individuals enrolled in the program have an opportunity to learn a variety of trades such as: cooking, grounds keeping, customer service and sales skills. The training program also has ... Read More »

“Making Lasting Contributions Towards Creating A Better Environment”


The Santa Cruz Training Program has been dedicated to serving  children and adults with disabilities within Santa Cruz County  for more than 46 years .The training program was founded by Ana Maria Copola. An advocate for children with disabilities who started to get other parents involved in starting a program to meet the needs of children with disabilities. It started ... Read More »

“Mariposa Community Health Center Offering Health Insurance Assistance”

Mariposa Health Insurance

The Affordable Health Care Act has made it easier for everyone to have access to health insurance. It is impossible to predict when an illness or medical emergency will strike.  However, when it occurs, health care costs for individuals without insurance can be a disastrous financial burden.  It is important to always be prepared with health insurance. In addition to ... Read More »

Inspiring Future Generation of Educators

Inspiring Future Educators

Fernando Parra a Nogales native was recently appointed by the school board as the new school superintendent. He will begin the school year by making sure the district provides students with the best academic opportunities. Mr. Parra’s future plans include being a supportive leader that communicates and listens to staff, teachers, and students dealing with many of the everyday challenges ... Read More »

“Inspirational Political Leader”

Inspiring Future Generation of Leaders

“Inspirational Political Leader” Nogales Mayor Arturo R. Garino was the first to be featured on the cover of Border Eco magazine in April 2011. He returns to Border Eco for an exit interview. He has graciously taken time off his busy schedule to meet with us. Border Eco had an opportunity to discuss with Mayor Garino his accomplishments, and experiences ... Read More »

Giving Turtle


The “Giving Turtle” is a program coordinated by Dora Taddey that helps families in need during the holidays. This past Christmas more than 350 families, and children were able to enjoy the holidays. Law enforcement, behavioral health organizations and shelters benefited from this program. They worked in collaboration with Ms. Taddey to help identify families in need in Santa Cruz ... Read More »

Lincoln Lions continue to SHINE!

Lincoln School learning about community service.

    Through the use of Pillars of Character Education and Sharing is Caring ideas, students came together to collect 1927 pounds of non-perishable food items for the community food drive, sponsored by UNISOURCE! Norma Lucero, Administrative Assistant, UniSource Energy Services, has been teaming up with Lincoln Elementary for the past years to do a food drive. Students collected food ... Read More »

Santa Cruz Community Coalition aims to empower our community by providing a safe environment that promotes equality, healthy lifestyles and choices.

Santa Cruz Community Action-" Making A Difference"

Santa Cruz Community Coalition is a non-profit organization.  Their main focus is to implement programs that help prevent and educate the community on improving the health and well-being of the community. The Santa Cruz Community Action Coalition is a group of community members with a common vision. The coalition was formed as a means to help improve our community by combining ... Read More »

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