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  • Read Across Santa Cruz County

  • Coco Close to Home

  • Healthy Student Grant/YCC-CREO Grants Reception

  • CREO Math Instructors Earn Yellow Belt in Six Sigma

  • Walking to Magdalena: an O’odham Pilgrimage

  • Child-Parent Centers meeting the needs of preschool children

  • A Pioneer of the Insurance Industry

  • People that "Echo"- Silvia Brown

  • District Recognized for Increasing Access and Performance

  • Spelling Bee 2018

  • San Cayetano Elementary Celebrates 2018 NEHS Induction of New Members

  • Making an Impact Pinal Hispanic Council

  • People that "Echo"-Alberto Durazo

  • Nogales Women's March

  • Mirame!

    Tom Bell Photo Exhbit

  • Hilltop Gallery

    One Stop Access to Vibrant Art

  • Hilltop Gallery Board Members

  • SCVUSD Hosts Info Night on Middle School Cambridge Honors Program

  • IME-BECAS Scholarship Program

  • Lens on the Border

  • Wonder Movie Event

  • Power of One Conference 2017

  • Lowe's Homebuilding Repair Partners with Rebuilding Together

  • South Eastern Behavioral Health Services in Santa Cruz County

  • Safeway making a difference in our community!

  • Santa Cruz County Attorney's Office Hosts Candlelight Vigil and Proclamation 2017

  • Santa Cruz County Superintendent Hosts Health Families/Healthy Youth Workshops

  • Arizona@Work Hosted A Successful Job Fair

  • MADD from the Southern Arizona Affiliate Awards County Attorney

  • People that "echo"-Patty Molina

  • Santa Cruz Provisional College

  • People that "echo"-Stella Perez

  • People that "echo"-Linda Manjarrez

  • Luminaria Home Care

  • The Elephant in the Room

    2nd Annual Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family

  • Connecting you to community

About Us

About Border Eco

Border Eco is a magazine for Southern Arizona border towns, which includes a variety of products all wrapped into one simple marketing solution. Our marketing packages include online media, E-Newsletter, E-magazine, and a high gloss print edition that is distributed around our Southern Arizona border towns on a monthly basis.

As you look inside, you will find out the latest news and events happening in the community. If you need to know, you will find it inside Border Eco. We offer our readers an array of different information from upcoming events, meetings, conferences, community events, local government news and politics. Our product is about the people in our community, by the people of our community and for the people of our unique border communities.

For those concerned about reaching the communities eyes and ears, Border Eco is the right solution. Border Eco is highly dedicated to marketing your brand consistently. How can we say such things, well because we push your brand through different media venues like on our online magazine, print magazine, and through community out reach. Lets not forget our magazine’s content, when you pair your brand with our stories about our communities your brand, product or services will reach the entire Southern Arizona market. Let us help you develop a marketing package for your business that can help grow and market your business in our Southern Arizona border towns. We can help “ECO” your message throughout our Southern Arizona border towns.

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  1. Very nice!!! It’s the first time I see the magazine. Looks good!!!


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